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Why should you be a part of NOFOLAX?

North Forsyth Lacrosse Mission

North Forsyth Youth Lacrosse Association’s primary purpose is to teach and promote the game of lacrosse in a fun, safe and sportsmanlike environment. As a youth league, NFYLA is dedicated to the skill development of lacrosse players and teaches a game of speed, position and finesse rather than physical intimidation or promoting a team's winning record. Along with learning lacrosse, NFYLA strives to instill the values of sportsmanship, respect, teamwork, fair play and a love of the sport of lacrosse for teammates, coaches and officials; in essence we "Honor the Game". NFYLA believes that sportsmanship is a way of life and will conduct all activities in a manner that will set an example of good sportsmanship and friendly competition for our young players. NFYLA is an active member of the Positive Coaching Alliance, a nationwide organization dedicated to promoting a positive culture in youth sports so that every young athlete can have a positive, character-building experience.

North Forsyth Lacrosse (NOFOLAX)

NOFOLAX is short for North Forsyth Lacrosse. NOFOLAX covers lacrosse players from our Little Stixx program to the North Forsyth High School Varsity Lacrosse Teams. 

NOFOLAX is made up of the North Forsyth Youth Lacrosse Association (NFYLA) and the North Forsyth High School Men's and Women's Lacrosse progams.

Why Choose to be a part of our association?

It's simple really...."Raider Family" We believe that NOFOLAX and the North Forsyth Youth Lacrosse Association (NFYLA) is more than just another Parks and Rec's a hard working family dedicated to building a first class lacrosse program where players,family and friends are proud to wear the Raider Black, Silver and Purple. And like a family we celebrate the good times, weather the tough times and work hard to support one another when we face those that oppose us!

Our foundation is based on being a part of a team, hard work and having a never quit attitude.

Our goal is to move on from the past and do the best job we can to create an environment where kids can learn to play the game, have fun and build for tomorrow.

Our volunteers are dedicated to the community and do their best to create an environment folks are proud to be a part of. We strive to be more than just a place you play the game...we want you to be a part of our family and proud to call NOFOLAX your Lacrosse Home.

So what are you waiting for?........Contact us about how you can become a part of our family and the many opportunities we have for you to help us continue building a great Raider Lacrosse Tradition!

Honor The Game

Go Raiders!