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Registration Information

The Registration "Registration Information" is not currently available.

The Registration "Registration Information" is not currently available.

2018 NOFOLAX Fall registration is now officially open

NOFOLAX is very excited to announce several changes for our 20178Fall Lacrosse Program!    We are confident this season will be a fantastic experience for your player and is the PERFECT TIME for new players to try the game of lacrosse.   Below, you can learn more about some of these changes.

Clinic Type Practices

We are introducing a “Clinic” concept for practices and plan to emulate how top programs practice.   This approach will reinforce the high repetition, high pace style of practice that was introduced this past season.  All of our research indicates high touch; fast pace, drill based practice is the best path for our program.  See below for an example of station layout for practices. 



Our focus this fall will be on the mastery of fundamentals. Each week we will have slightly different drills at each station that target a specific skill or concept.   Our goal is to have the players master these concepts and skills through repetition.

Coach Development

 This is a perfect time for new coaches to step in and learn.  We will have designated station leaders and encourage parents to join us on the field to help run drills and learn the game.  We cannot run the organization without volunteer coaches. Coaching is the life line of our organization, so please come join the fun on the field.

Looking forward to a great fall lacrosse season!





Youth Lacrosse Refund Policy

NOTE: This policy only applies to the Youth Boys and Girls Program. For information about the High School Boys or Girls Team Policy please see their section of the website.


Hey we really hate to see you go! 

The NOFOLAX program continues to grow and expand into a top notch feeder program for the North Forsyth High School Lacrosse teams and we want you to be a part of it......but if you can't we understand and here is our Refund Policy.

We also understand that each Refund situation can be unique. If a player is injured, has to move, or some other unavoidable life event gets in the way, we will do our best to make things right. However; please understand, we are an all-volunteer organization....that is funded solely by the player fees and fundraising we collect. We operate at a zero balance and once we commit funds to cover our expenses we will be unable to process refunds.

That's why we encourage everyone to make sure they understand the commitment necessary to play in our association/league prior to registration.


Please NOTE...Our Refund Policy is EVENT Driven and not Time or Date Driven. Once an event (like ordering uniforms) has occurred we will not be able to process full amount refunds. That date will vary from season to season just as the due dates for league and county fees. If you are unsure if an event has already occurred please contact us.



-100% Refund prior to Uniforms being ordered. This may happen approximately a month before the first practice.

-Once the Uniforms have been ordered we will process refunds minus $85.

-Once the Uniforms have been ordered -and- the league fees have been paid we will process your refund minus $85 Uniform Fee, $20 FCPRD fee, $20 New Town Park League Fee. (Total Non-Refundable of $125)

-Once the regular season games begin NO REFUNDS Will be processed.